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Crew Positions

Crew Roles and Responsibilities

Crew President 1-year Term (June to June)

  • The Crew President is the primary leader of the crew and leads the other officers. 

  • The president delegates responsibilities, and with the support of the Advisor, follows up to be sure the jobs have been carried out. They lead meetings and activities and conduct the monthly officers’ meetings. 

  • The president provides counsel to members who have problems, questions, or concerns. 

  • The Crew President is equivalent to the Senior Patrol Leader and Boatswain. 

  • They are responsible for passing down the Crew Car


V.P. Admin 1-Year Term (June to June)

  • The VP-Admin serves as the administrative officer of the crew. 

  • They assume the responsibilities of the Crew President in their absence. 

  • Organizes and recognizes the achievements of crew members. 

  • Maintains crew advancement chart and reviews individual progress at each meeting. 

  • Conducts opening and closing ceremonies for special occasions as scheduled. 

  • Works with the president to organize and follow through with rank advancement opportunities.


VP-Program 1-Year Term (June to June)

  • The VP-Program oversees the execution of Crew activities. 

  • They recruit and support other Crew members who plan and carry out each activity. 

  • The VP-Program regularly surveys the Crew members to learn their interests, as well as their parents’ skills inventory to potentially serve as consultants. 

  • They keep track of the crew calendar with activity dates. 

  • Regularly checks in on all planning events and debriefs following the events. 

  • They also track program interest and planning for future events.


Treasurer 1-Year Term (June to June)

  • The Crew Treasurer is elected by the youth members and is the youth financial officer of the crew. 

  • They are assisted by the Committee Treasurer. 

  • Their duties include but are not limited to collecting all money coming to the crew from dues, money-earning projects, or other sources. 

  • Assisting in fundraising and procuring fundraising forms for BSA. 


Secretary 6-month Term

  • The Crew Secretary is elected by the youth members and is the record-keeping youth leader of the crew. 

  • The minutes of meetings show officer decisions, actions and plans, and attendance records and posts them promptly for all members to see.  —keeping the contact sheet up to date. 

  • In the case of absence at the meeting, the Historian will stand in for the Secretary.


Quartermaster 6-month Term

  • The Crew Quartermaster is a special crew officer that keeps track of crew equipment and sees that it is in good working order. He/she issues equipment and ensures it is returned in good condition. 

  • Responsibilities: The Quartermaster's responsibilities are to keep records on crew equipment and first aid kits. 

  • Regardless if they are attending the event or function the Quartermaster will assist in equipment exiting and entering storage. 

  • The Quartermaster also replaces damaged or missing gear when needed.


Guide 6-month Term

  • The Crew Guide is a special crew officer that serves as an individual mentor for new and future Venturers, assisting in their understanding of the Venturing program and participation in crew activities. 

  • Follows up with all new members and prospects to see if they need any assistance with registering etc. 

  • They lead the recruiting and admission of new members during the year. 

  • Is the first person that a new member should go to when in need of assistance, then the Crew guide can take it up the chain of command if/when needed. 

  • If the Crew guide is not in attendance during a meeting with a new/prospective member, then the Secretary will be in charge of collecting the information for the new scouts to pass down to the Crew Guide


Historian 6-month Term

  • The Historian's responsibilities are collecting and preserving memorabilia, press releases, photos, and other data of historical significance to the crew. 

  • Maintains information about crew activities and members. 

  • Create and maintain the crew website. 

  • Manages the Crews Instagram @venturecrew167 (login info is passed down after elections)


Chaplain Aide 6-month Term

  • The Chaplain Aide's position is to: Make the 12th point of the Scout Law more meaningful in life. 

  • Promote a greater understanding of and appreciation for all religions. 

  • Create a meaningful non-denominational prayer and grace for our crew. 

  • Lead the Scout Oath and Law and pledge of allegiance at meetings and events.


Order of the Arrow Representative 6-month Term

  • The Order of the Arrow representative’s position is to represent Crew 167 at all OA events and meetings. 

  • They are to wear their OA sash to the Crews Meetings. 

  • Attends Crew, chapter, and lodge meetings regularly as a youth representative of the troop and Order. 

  • They serve as a two-way communication link between the troop and the lodge or chapter and arrange with the lodge or chapter election team to conduct an annual Order of the Arrow election for the Crew at a time approved by the Advisor. 

  • Coordinates the Ordeal induction process for newly elected and brotherhood candidates by ensuring they know the time and location of the Ordeal, providing information on what to bring to the Ordeal, assisting (as needed) in arranging transportation to the Ordeal, and offering assistance (as needed) to the lodge in the Ordeal process (for example serving as an Elangomat or Nimat).


Bee Chief 1-Year Term (January to January)        

  • The Bee Chief is the youth in charge of all things bees.

  • They are to organize hive maintenance and care as well as honey sales. 

  • They create and maintain a spreadsheet to organize the schedule for regular monthly bee hive maintenance coordinating with the youth and the Sternbergs. 

  • They are not required to be present monthly for hive care. 

  • They will be in direct contact with Mr. and Mrs. Sternberg, for consultation and any other things needed. 

  • They will work with the Treasurer regarding honey invoices and sales. 

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